Whisky cask storage

Kallafut is offering you a more secure and ergonomic way to store your Whisky casks. First and foremost, our innovative system of support stands out thanks to the simplicity of cask extraction from anywhere on the racks. Indeed, we have reengineered the conventional cradle and wedge principle in order to allow the easy and fast replacement of a cask, at any level of storage. Additionally, our system can be installed on any type of floors: clay, concrete or mixed.

Made from natural untreated lumber from sustainable French forests, it allows you to reduce your carbon footprint. Our production facility is located near Saintes (17), less than half an hour from Cognac (16). Cradle of the oldest traditions of stored spirits, this region boasts of the most ancient expertise in matters of distillation.

The use of wood as a material enhances the aesthetics of your wine cellars, while respecting the authenticity of the process of developing the finest spirits. In comparison to metal storage structures, choosing wood is a better environmental decision, and contributes to better air quality in your cellars.

We install our Kallafut system in all the countries that produce Whisky: Scotland, Ireland, India, Japan, United States of America, Australia, France…

Whisky cask storage

The wedge system of Kallafut offers you an economic advantage regarding the maintenance of your barrels and casks. Indeed, if a cask is defective, it is possible for the cooper to extract it easily within 5 minutes in order to repair it. The spot in the rack where the cask was stored has been saved, which spares a financial setback.

Finally, the easy extraction allows the wine cellar master to manage the balance between the cask-aged spirits and the new cask products. This can help you increase the lifespan of your casks. Indeed, the easy extraction of casks helps in their maintenance (replacement of the staves or heads…), for a better optimisation of costs.

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